Phone of the Day: Nortel 1120E connected to a Nortel BCM telephone system

My friend Joseph in Pennsylvania shared this photo of an 1120E at his house, that we had to convert from SIP 2.2 to unistim to work on the BCM.  It took forever!  The older 2.0 SIP firmware was quirky at trying to convert over to unistim.  We finally got it over to the phone via the TFTP provisioning address on the telephone and then the phone read the firmware via pumpkin on a laptop.  The new unistim firmware would load and then we would get a message saying “authentication failed” and the unistim firmware was rejected.

FYI the unistim firmware is the Nortel Avaya proprietary IP firmware chock full of features compared to the SIP sets.

We finally upgraded the phone to a newer Avaya 4.3 SIP firmware and then it converted back to unistim with no problem at all.
The 1120E, when connected to a BCM is not as feature rich as when connected to a CS1000.  The set basically mimics a Norstar telephone.