Phone of the Day: Aastra 6757i SIP IP Telephone

Coming to you from Toronto, Ontario on behalf of my friend Mark Gillham at Joe Jackman Reinvents Branding, is a SIP based telephone set from Aastra.  I don’t know the exact PBX that this set is working off of, but I am guessing it’s either Aastra or Asterisk.

Aastra is an interesting company, that actually had a tight relationship with Nortel for many years.  Around 1998, Aastra took over all production of Nortel Analog (M9000 and M8000, Venture, Power Touch) sets and the M5000 DMS/SL100 Centrex sets.  Aastra still manufactures these Nortel legacy sets as well as their own IP 9000i sets, based off the design of the newer analog M9000 sets.

The phone in this picture, the 6757i, is used at many universities as well as small offices where SIP technology is prevalent.   The phone can be used on any SIP server.   The other phones in the 6750i series are the 6753i and 6755i.  The 6757i in the photo has the largest display of the phones in this portfolio.

As we see in Mark’s photo, you can program the buttons as line key indicators or feature buttons.

Thanks for sending us a pic of your phone Mark!

Aastra 6757i SIP client.

Aastra 6757i SIP client.