Phone of the Day: Nortel M2616 Digital Telephone at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Wakiki Beach Resort (and how to clean one of these phones)

My great bud Justin, the other UCx guy, snapped a photo of this older Aries II Nortel M2616 digital telephone at the front desk of this resort in Hawaii.  This phone must be working off of a Nortel Meridian 1 or CS1000 platform.  This system and attached Meridian digital telephones can easily be upgraded to the UCx1000 switch from Emetrotel once Avaya discontinues support.  Then, newer M3900 or Nortel 1100/1200 ip sets can be swapped out with existing extensions at no additional cost or licensing.

As dirty as the phone looks, a little care can be taken to clean it up.  First unplug the phone, spray some goo gone on the area where tape once was.  Let it sit and then wipe clean.

Next use an antibacterial Lysol wipe and gently rub it all across the phone putting pressure on the buttons and areas that are dirty.  The buttons can be removed as well for a real heavy scrubbing. 

Then use a small narrow tool to clean out the speaker grilles and use a compressed air canister to spray out dust.  

Finally give the entire phone and handset a wipe down with another antibacterial cloth and then a wipe with a dry microfiber cloth.  Also order some new ash colored curly handset cables and  replace rhe cleaned phones cable with a new one.  After a little TLC, the phone will look as new as the day it came out of the box.