Phone of the Day: Mitel Superset 430 Digital Telephone at a Holiday Inn Express Chicagoland

Today’s phone is rather interesting, it’s a beastly big telephone from the early 1990s from the other Canadian (not Nortel) telecom giant, Mitel.  Mitel holds the award for the most popular hotel telephone system in the world.  I checked into the hotel for my girlfriends sister wedding and noticed this older phone on the front desk. 

From a British website, here is a description of the 400 series superset phones:

“MITEL’s advanced microprocessor controlled digital telephones include the Superset 401+, 410, 420 and 430. Supersets 410, 420 and 430 support on hook dialling and bi-directional hands free loud speaking and incorporate a number of line selection keys with line status displays. The available facilities allow Supersets to readily accommodate key and lamp, ‘plan’ type arrangements and manager / secretary applications. All types, interface via a DNIC port in the SX-2000 via standard 2 wire connections

The stand can be reversed to enable wall fixing.”

The 400 series were superseded by the 4000 European styled phones introduced in the late 1990s.

From the same website: “In addition to the features and facilities offered by the Superset 420 the Superset 430 has: A bitmap graphical LCD display and six softkeys allowing users to easily select features. The Superset 430 offers a full graphics LCD suitable for adding future software functionality.”

This is a good hotel front desk telephone. It’s next to the main console at this hotel.