Phone of the Day: Nortel T7316 at a Pancake House in Lincolnshire, IL

This past Sunday my girlfriend, her nephew and I went to a pancake house on the way back from her sisters wedding and I discovered this Nortel Norstar/BCM T7316 digital telephone at the main checkout stand.  

The T7316 was introduced in 1999 to streamline the look of the Norstar M7000 telephones and prepare them from the introduction of the new IP based Business    Enterprise Edge 1000 switch.  This first generation didn’t include a Handsfree button between the mute and headset button.  The release of the T7316E in 2004 added a dedicated Handsfree button between the mute and headset button.  

Even though the BCM Norstar has been discontinued, the T series telephones are still manufactured by Avaya for use on the millions of switches still out there.  They also support the sets on the IP office.

The phones are still fully supported in their Nortel state on a new switch called the UCx from Emetrotel.  Unlike the IP Office, with the UCx switch, 90 percent of the Nortel feature codes work and function exactly as they do on the Nortel Norstar BCM…..such as SWCA, Call Park, Paging, Conference, and many more.