Phone of the Day: Cisco 7975 IP Telephone at the Toronto Blue Jays Store at the Rogers Centre 

Today’s telephone was spotted while looking for some Blue Jays merchandise on our trip this past week.  Gina was trying to find a Blue Jays friends shirt, but for some reason he is such a new player they don’t have one for him yet, so we were disappointed. 

I spotted this 7975 SCCP IP set with a full color display and a Blue Jays logo on the Cisco phone at the checkout.  The 7975 is a very color rich telephone that replaces the original 7970 which had a less colorful display.  These sets are normally limited to executives and higher up staff, so it’s interesting to see these sets on a sales floor.  When you add a full color KEM BLF unit to this phone, you have an ultimate color display attendant position. There is a lot I like about this phone, but Cisco always leaves me disappointed with their weird teenage sounding ring tones.  If only they could have some Nortel or Avaya sounding ring tones that actually ring like real phones and a speaker audible call buzz, I’d be a much happier camper about Cisco. 

Cisco is slowly making their way North to Canada to the former Nortel territory, but not as fast as in the USA, as there are tons of businesses that still stand by their Canadian made Nortel systems.

The Blue Jays and Rogers Centre are one exception.