SNOM PA-1 Paging Device UPDATE and Diagrams

I’ve had the SNOM PA1 for almost a year and it’s working out quite awesome!


I attached a video below showing a little more detail of the device I posted back in May 2015.   In addition to the videos, I am showing some diagrams explaining possible scenarios of this device.

I am showing a grocery store layout using the UCx from E-MetroTel, a connection to an Avaya IP Office with a remote speaker requirement, and a typical analog/POTS/PBX/Key/Centrex method of connecting to the SNOM PA1.

The last method is especially helpful if you are using a PBX/Centrex system without a paging output:

1- Set up a SIP account with a SIP provider such as VOIP.MS

2-Then set a single VOIP.MS user extension through VOIP.MS.

3-Obtain the SIP account username and password from VOIP.MS.

4-Choose a DID from VOIP.MS and server location.

5-Open the GUI Interface for the SNOM PA1.  (make sure speakers are connected when you turn on the SNOM PA1, upon reboot, the SNOM PA1 will announce the IP Address of the device over the speakers so that you can enter the IP Address via a web browser via your network)

6-ON the SNOM PA1 GUI Interface, enter the username of the account, password and domain ip address of the VOIP.MS server.  See below:


7- Once registration is complete, choose a DID from VOIP.MS.  This is where you’ll obtain the IP Domain Address for your particular account.  Say you choose a number for Chicago 312-555-1212, then select which server you want that DID to be registered to ( use their chat feature to obtain your exact numerical IP Address.

8-Make sure that under the DID settings on VOIP.MS you choose the correct “User Account 116477_9854” under the tabs.

9-Apply all the settings on both the SNOM PA1 and VOIP.MS

10-You can then dial the DID from any system and access the paging.

See the last diagram for the entire layout of the analog option.