Phone of the Day: Avaya 1616 IP Telephone at Crate and Barrel North Michigan Avenue Chicago, IL

Gina and I went to the Crate and Barrel on N. Michigan Ave. this evening and I spotted this Avaya IP 1616 telephone.  I was in the store a few months ago and they still had the old school Merlin phones that were original from when the store opened in 1990, so Avaya probably convinced them they needed to upgrade or they would discontinue support for the system.

Crate and Barrel stores have an interesting mix of both Cisco IP and Avaya digital/IP phones depending on location and legacy systems.

I loved this futuristic store when I visited it as a child.  The bottom of the escalator mechanicals are open for full view and a large glass wall overlooks Michigan Avenue. 
The store still looks brand new today.  It’s definitely worth a visit on a Chicago North Michigan Avenue trip.