Phone of the Day: Avaya 1616IP Telephone at Duane Reade, New York City

While working at Walgreens, we did various site visits for retailers we acquired.  I’ve seen everything from Toshiba, Samsung to Comdial in acquired drug stores that we visited.

Duane Reade by far was the most advanced.  They were gradually upgrading all of their stores to Avaya IP Office systems with these high tech Avaya 1616 IP Telephones when Walgreens acquired them.

Walgreens eventually pulled out the Avaya IP Office Systems and IP Phones, then installed the company standard Norstar systems.  As big of a fan of Nortel equipment that I am, it was kinda of a step back by getting rid of the Avaya phones.  The Avaya phones had caller ID while the Norstar phones didn’t.

Now Walgreens, including Duane Reade, is all Cisco.