Phone of the Day: Nortel T7208 at Mariano’s Fresh Market Gurnee, IL

Today, my girlfriend and I stopped to get some food to grill for dinner tonight at a really nice Mariano’s in Gurnee, IL.  We were up in the Northern Chicago suburbs for a family event and we decided to stop at this former Dominick’s now Mariano’s.

It still baffles me how many grocery chains (Some Albertsons, Lucky Supermarkets, Marsh Supermarkets) still use Aiphone or analog intercom lines for paging separate from their telephone systems, while you have advanced stores like Marianos that use the phone system for paging and wireless communications via Spectralink SIP handsets for managers and floor associates. 

Most Mariano’s stores that are built by Roundy’s contain Toshiba DK Strata telephones.  This particular location was acquired from Safeway (a large Nortel client) and repurposed for this store.  The paging sounded amazing, especially in the produce area where the ceiling is exposed to the structure and sound sphere speakers broadcast the paging.  The paging sounded ultimately clear.

Dominick’s was a big Nortel client before Safeway took them over.  Many of the stores built or extensively remodeled after 1991, used Nortel Option 11C phone systems with digital/analog phones.  When Safeway took over, they decided to keep many of the Nortel/ROLM/1A2 systems until 2006 when they decided to remodel to the new Lifestyle decor and hence they installed new Nortel phone systems in all of the Dominick’s locations.

This particular phone was on the wall in the meat department.