Phone of the Day: AT&T Spirit 24 Button Electronic Telephone at Copemish Family Market in Copemish Michigan 

This past weekend my girlfriend and I visited Northern Michigan and we stopped at this unique little family run grocery store.  When the line got long, I expected to see them use a microphone or a bell to call another cashier, but no, I spotted this ATT Spirit telephone that she paged on to call for help ringing at the front register. 

I don’t know much history about the ATT Spirit system other than the fact that is was the precursor to the extremely popular Partner key system and was manufactured from roughly 1984-1990.  Steven from the museum of telephony blog if you are listening, perhaps you can send me some facts about the Spirit system.  

I remember seeing this system at the early Polo Factory Stores and a my favorite Mexican Restaurant in NW Indiana called El Taco Real (that now uses a Nortel Norstar System.). The incoming external calls ring with a unique fast double ring similar to a UK ringing pattern.

The grocery store was a cute one, still a family run store with plenty of people to help you out.  The produce looked fresh and they had a good selection of meats with an old fashioned butcher.  They also have a small deli at the front of the store.