Phone of the Day: Nortel Ameritech M9316CW Analog Telephone

I recently found this original new in the box Nortel analog telephone complete with the original Ameritech paperwork.

What was Ameritech?  Here is a snip it from Wikipedia: “AT&T Teleholdings, Inc., formerly known as Ameritech Corporation (and before that American Information Technologies Corporation), was a U.S. telecommunications company that arose out of the 1984 AT&T divestiture. Ameritech was one of the seven Regional Bell Operating Companies that was created following the breakup of the Bell System. Ameritech was acquired by SBC Communications in 1999 which subsequently acquired AT&T Corporation in 2006, becoming the present-day AT&T Inc.” 

Chicago based Ameritech was one of the most powerful of the baby bells and like Bell Canada and other bell operating companies,  they trusted Nortel to manufacture proprietary sets to be branded Ameritech telephones, but the actual sets were Nortel sets.  In particular was this M9316 analog set.

These M9316 sets design and functionality would fool the average telephone user into thinking this telephone was actually a digital telephone working right off a Nortel switch.  The set is actually a set designed to work on POTS, Centrex and PBX.  All signaling is analog, but digital like features such as Nortel ring tones, CLID display and logging, Handsfree, button programming etc, are all controlled inside the telephone itself and powered by an AC adapter that needs to plug into an electrical outlet.  

I actually have been searching for this set complete with an Ameritech logo on it for quite a while.  In 1996, I bought my first Ameritech Nortel set with my Dad at a local NW Indiana place named Tri Electronics.  It was a M8417 non CLID set that I needed to have and was within my price range.  It was so nice of my Dad to take me to pick it up!  That was when Ameritech branded the Nortel phones with this beautiful graphically inclined packaging.  I brought the Ameritech telephone to my dorm at Purdue, which at the time was heavy GTE territory.  I thought I was so rebellious to bring an Ameritech device into GTE territory!  Haha, what a dork I was! 

Please see the attached photos: