Phone of the Day: Nortel M2008 Aries II Meridian 1 Digital Telephone at Seattle Fire Station 10

A friend of two guys and their phones (Justin and I) snapped this photo of a Nortel M2008 working on a Meridian1/CS1000 at the fire station.  

They obviously use this system well with Paging built in and also a large five digit dialing plan, which probably allows five digit dialing across the entire fire station network. It also looks as though they utilize the two digital IC intercom feature which allows you to dial between the phones per a two digit number, similar to a key system or the old school 1A2 telephones. 

The M2008 is probably one of the most beautiful and simply designed digital telephones of all time.  It’s clean and buttons are easy to use.

Seattle Fire would be a great candidate for the UCx from Emetrotel!