Phone of the Day: Shoretel 212K IP Telephone at City Market Purdue Campus West Lafayette IN

I made a visit back to my Alma Mater this past Sunday and on campus and tucked amongst former GTE territory, is this new urban City Market grocery store on Purdue’s campus with a Shoretel system.  This store is an outpost for Grand Rapids Michigan based SpartanNash which runs this store.  I know SpartanNash for its Family Fare and D&W Stores in Michigan, but it’s interesting to find this one lone SpartanNash grocery store nestled into Marsh and Kroger territory.  

What’s also awesome is to see such a beautiful modern supermarket right on campus.  All we had in the late 1990s at Purdue, was a tiny Thriftway Supermarket which barely had any fresh foods.   We had to go into Lafayette to go to Meijer, the best grocery store in town then and maybe still is.

This phone was mounted on a column in the produce department.