Phone of the Day: Toshiba DKT3210‑SD Digital Set at Marianos Fresh Market Chicago

This locally based grocery store is my favorite.  They get about the most use out of a telephone system of any retailer I have observed.  The managers use Spectralink IP wireless handsets while most of the associates use a good old Deskphone.  This proves you don’t need walkie talkies and headsets for internal communications.  The wireless phones the managers use, can also act as walkie talkies.  Your telephone system can do it all for you at an extra low price.  

This is the main reception phone at the service desk.  

The DKT series digital phone was originally introduced around 1989-1990, and was a quite primitive looking phone.  Like most cars, the body of the phone has been enhanced through the years with things such as color coded keys, aero handset styling, bigger LCD displays, feature labels etc.  If you look closely it’s obvious the designers studied and appreciated the Nortel Meridian 1 telephones.

First view is one the late 1980s Toshiba Electronic EKT telephone sets.

Next is the 1989-1990 dramatically redesigned EKT 6520, the predecessor to the 3210.

Then in 1993, the phone was redesigned yet again and renamed a DKT set, for digital telephone as opposed to electronic. 

The newer sets more closely resemble the Nortel Meridian telephones with grey buttons and color coded buttons. 

Then a variation was introduced with a wide display around 2004.

The last version to be introduced is the one I pictured here from Marianos.  A silver bezel surround was added to the display.