Phone of the Day: Panasonic KX-T7730 Digital Phone (KX-T7730) at Bernies Chicago, IL

Today’s telephone comes to you from a restaurant bar with a nice outdoor rooftop patio named Bernies on Orleans St in Chicago’s River North.  

Our group was having a great time racking up a large tab when the bar manager asked us to leave because there was a three hour limit on our tables.  Wow, unheard of rude in most places  today!  She said we’ve been there 3 hours and  300 people were waiting for our table. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a fine establishment where they have asked us to leave.  We had one more drink and the same manager came over and said ok you can stay.  Weird.

They do use these Panasonic telephones quite a bit. There was one at the host stand and one at the upstairs bar.  The staff would use the intercom to call back and forth quite a bit to see about open tables.

This phone is at the host stand.