Yours Truly and Phone of the Day: Enjoying some of my Three favorite things at Marianos Park Ridge, IL including a Nortel T7208 Digital Telephone

1-A Nortel telephone system that still is used for overhead paging in a grocery store (overhead paging is my favorite, provides comfort to me).  Marianos proves you don’t need walkie talkies to effectively communicate in your store.  Give managers wireless phones connected to the phone system that’s already in place and avoid having to buy an expensive third party walkie talkie system.

2-Enjoying a Beer with my great college friend Derek who is in Chicagoland for work.  That beer is an Anti Hero IPA (one of my favorites) from a local Chicago brewery named Revolution Brewery.

3-Enjoying a Marianos grocery store.  This store is run by Bob Mariano, former CEO of Dominick’s, the best former grocery store chain in Chicagoland.  In fact this store is an old Dominicks that Mariano helped open before the infamous sale to Safeway, which ultimately doomed Dominick’s. Similarly, Marianos was purchased by Kroger recently, but changes are happening cautiously and slowly. As with any merger I am concerned they will ignore their customers wishes and only please the shareholders and cut costs and all of the fun things about Marianos.  We shall see.