Phone of the Day: Yours Truly Joe and a Nortel M2008 Digital Telephone

Today’s photos contains yours truly from Community Hospital, Munster, IN.   My Sister Dad and I had dinner in the cafeteria and I couldn’t resist taking a photo with one of the best designed digital phones ever.  They are placed on the columns in the cafeteria for doctors and nurses responding to pages and for visitors who may need to call a patient room.

When I was a volunteer at the hospital back in the 1990s, the phones in the same location were Qseries wedge SL-1 sets.  The weight of the Q phones was so heavy, that the wall mounting bracket looked like a large plate with a heavy duty anchor to the wall.  These newer M Series phones are much more lightweight, but still very durable nonetheless.

The other photo shows a typical patient floor M2008 phone.

Joe (Yours Truly) on a M2008

Joe (Yours Truly) on a M2008

The M2000 Series phones were introduced in 1989 to work on the newly introduced Meridian One PBX.  They were called Meridian Modular Telephones at the time.  Please see my earlier post on the M2616 to get the extended history on the M series phones.

earlier post:

In my opinion, one of the things missing in modern IP phones are simplicity.  These M2008 phones were extremely simple to use with easy to read buttons, large dial pad, 8 feature keys, a fixed hold key, a RLS button and a Red LED triangle for voice mail messages.  If you notice, these phones are basically a modern version of an old 1A2 deskset, but with all of the keys laid out in a simple pattern.  No rows and rows of small buttons with tons of annoying blinking lights.  Less is more with this phone.  An extra add on LCD display can be added to the phone for CLID and Call Feature options.

This phone is connected to a Nortel CS1000 PBX which evolved from an original SL-1 switch.

Nortel M2008 Telephone

Nortel M2008 Telephone (That RLS button should be RED not ORANGE on the M2000 sets!)