Phone of the Day: Toshiba DKT2010-SD Digital Telephone and DKT DADM2020 DSS unit at Horizon Books Traverse City, MI

My girlfriend and I visited a bookstore in downtown Traverse City that probably predates Borders Books and Music, which has since went out of business.  This store has great customer service and they use their phone system quite a bit to communicate within the store.  This particular model of phone was introduced around 1993 and features color coded buttons and an LCD screen with softkeys. This was the phone at my first job at an architectural firm in Grand Rapids, minus the DSS sidecar. 

I also remember these phones being used at Marshalls stores during the mid to late 1990s.  These systems were torn out of Marshalls stores around 2000 and replaced with TJX (which bought Marshalls in 1995) standard Nortel Norstar telephones. 

The Toshiba telephones are quite sophisticated.  They do not use DTMF times when dialing, instead they used a standard single tone key click with each button press.