My Phone System at Home

Top Left  is a MG1000 gateway connected to he UCx which allows Meridian 1 M2000 and M3900 sets to communicate with UCx. 

Top right is the Emetrotel UCx 50 main server. 

Below that is an IP Office.

Below that on the left is a Nortel BCM50 RLS 6.  On the right is a converted BCM50 to an Emetrotel UCx digital gateway to control the Nortel M and T  7000 series telephones.  

Below that are the Nortel Baystack 460 24 port POE switches.  To the far right is a Nortel BSR 222 router which controls all of the WAN IP routing on my systems.

Below that on the bottom shelf is a TOA A912MK2 120 watt music and paging amplifier.  To the right of the paging amplifier is a SNOM PA1 paging controller  (connected to the TOA amplifier via a RCA  cable and has ultimate crystal voice clear clarity between the SNOM PA 1 and TOA) which is connected via a SIP extension to my Emeteotel UCx.  All of the phones in the BCM and IP Office and UCx can share one code and dial the SNOM PA1 for paging.  Additionally the three different phone systems are simultaneously connected via SIP trunking to dial directly between the phones like internal extensions.