Phone of the Day: Vertical Edge 700 Digital Telephone (actually a Nortel LG Product) next to an Intercom Handset at Shopko Park Falls, WI

Today my fiancé and I and her family visited this Shopko looking for a butterfly net for fishing.  This store was like walking back in time to the 1980s.  It hasn’t been remodeled since then.  

I noticed these Vertical Edge telephones throughout the store, including the first photo where I show one on a column and a single line internal intercom next to it on the left.  At first I thought they used the old intercom for internal communication but then I noticed an employee press the page button on the vertical phones and make a page.   The second photo shows the phone at the service desk.  Unlike full line Shopko stores, cash register checkout is equipped with one of those single line intercom phones, not a digital telephone connected to the phone system.

As far as the 700 series digital sets go,  here is a blurb from a Vertical reseller.  “The Edge 700 family was developed in partnership with LG-Nortel and reflects the world class manufacturing and design quality standards of Vertical’s strategic partner. These ergonomic, feature-rich phone sets offer comprehensive business class capabilities at an affordable price.” 

I still miss my real Nortel M and T series sets!