Phone of the Day: Vodavi Infinite IN1414-51 Digital Telephone at Copper Falls State Park, Wisconsin 

I spotted this phone while attending Copper Falls State Park in Mellen, Wisconsin a few weeks back with my  Fiance and her nephew.  Good phone systems were few and far between in the North Woods.  Only one place had an updated Nortel switch and that was the chamber of commerce which had a Norstar system. 

This telephone was on the front check in desk of the gate house.  This DVX Infinite Phone System is rather primitive when compared to a Nortel or Avaya system and it traces its days back to a 1980s straight 6×16 straight key telephone system made by Vodavi.  The phone looks like a bit of a knock off of an Avaya Partner set. 

Needless to say, it does have some modern features the Norstar didn’t, such as a large multi lined LCD display as opposed to the small limited displays on the Norstar telephones. 

Copper Falls: