Phone of the Day: ShoreTel 655 IP Conference Telephone at a Chicago Area Dairy Company

Ever since Nortel tanked, ShoreTel has profited from the users who haven’t wanted to switch to Cisco or Avaya.  I am assuming a lot of phone system buyers out there are impressed by the look and modern feel of the ShoreTel telephones.

My fiancé found this phone today at a meeting and she sent me the picture of this cool conference telephone.  I’d have to say it is the best looking conference phone I’ve seen in a long time, but it comes with a hefty $700 price tag.  You can get the same color screens and modern footprint out of a newer Polycom or Yealink conference phone, for a quarter of the price.

I do think this phone portrays the phone of future.  Face it, all of you naysayers say phones are dead, but in the future, I bet there are always going to be places and applications where real desk telephones are needed for durability, features, multiple line appearances, busy lamp fields, and reliability.  The touch screen element with the physical dialpad is a nice feature.

Now maybe ShoreTel can make all of their other phones have a colorful display like this one.