Phone of the Day: Nortel T7208 Digital Deskset in a Walgreen’s Pharmacy

As I was visiting my parents yesterday, I stopped at the local Walgreen’s to pick up some items when I noticed this T7208 system at the 2nd register at the Walgreen’s in Whiting, IN.  More than likely this phone is operating off a Norstar MICS with analog trunks, as most Walgreen stores are set up with this system.

I designed this store back in 2006 and was quite surprised to already see this phone beat up!  Look at the dirt under the handset!  These phones are actually quite easy to clean though.  Simply take the Walgreen’s brand “good and clean” antibacterial wipes or Lysol brand antibacterial wipes and gently rub any of the dirt off the phone and labels.  You can hold the RLS button down while wiping the phone and none of the buttons will accidentally dial.  These phones will look brand new with a good cleaning!

Also notice that the key DESI strip next to the LCD display is missing.  My simple trick of placing double stick table underneath the labels didn’t get implemented here and the labels are all gone.  Now one has to guess which line and feature key does what.  Good thing for Feature*0 ,which allows you to check what button is which.

The T Series replaced the original M7000 series digital phones in 2001.  Most Walgreen’s still have the M Series phones.  Newer Walgreen’s have the Cisco 79xx IP sets.

Ahhhhh memories.  I still remember the days I worked the front register at the Munster, IN Walgreens in 1994 and using a Meridian Norstar phone for the first time.  The phone was so heavy, solid and well made.  It paged so clear over the loudspeakers!

Be well!


Nortel  T7208 Digital Telephone

T7208 Digital Telephone