Phone(s) of the Day: Toshiba DKT2010H Phone Telephones at Barnes and Noble Webster Place  Lincoln Park, Chicago, IL

Barnes and Noble has long been a Toshiba DK Strata customer.  I remember seeing these non display Toshiba DKT2010H Phones at Barnes and Noble stores dating to 1993.  These phones are still alive and well at Barnes and Noble bookstores.  They are extremely reliable and well made digital handsets.

These telephones were a third generation of the original Lanier Harris EKT system acquired by Toshiba around 1989.  This model introduced sometime around 1993, took styling queues from the Norstar and Meridian 1 telephones using things such as the Orange Hold button and up and down volume buttons.  These phones make a distinct vacuum sounding noise when hung up over a PA system.

Let’s talk about overhead paging.  While Barnes and Noble rarely makes overhead pages, when they do, they use the Toshiba phones to make announcements.  Unlike Defunct Borders Books and Chapters Indigo in Canada who used and use dorky headsets, Barnes and Noble lets their booksellers roam free without any earpieces attached to their heads and they use the phone system like it should be used, for all in store and external communications.

I do miss the days of Borders Books before they made their employees wear headsets.  They made their employees page artfully and politely on the PA system.  It was always a great treat to hear!

UPDATE, 10/28/17 Barnes and Noble now makes their employees use headsets, well that ruined my day! Baaaahhhhh!