Phone of the Day: Panasonic KX-DT343 Digital Telephone and Wireless Telephone at Garwood Orchard LaPorte, IN

These Panasonic digital telephones are popping up everywhere (including my desk phone at work)  as a legitimate solid business telephone system for the small and medium size businesses.  The amount of calls coming into the main building was astonishing.  No wonder they need a full featured system.

The 343 comes with 24 function keys and an adjustable display at the top of the phone.  The only added improvement would be the addition of an end call softkey or a release button,  none of which exists on the phone currently.  These phones work on many of the available digital and IP PBX systems from Panasonic.  I can’t quite tell if the wireless set is analog, IP or digital. 

Features on the desk phone are:

Display (LCD) Lines/Characters: 3/24

LCD Backlit: Yes

Headset Jack: Yes

Message Waiting LED: Yes

Peronsal Speed Dial: 100

Alphanumeric Directory Search: Yes

Call Log: 100

Function Button: 24

Soft Key: 4

Interface for CTI (3rd Party): USB

Add-on Key Module / DSS Console: Yes / Yes

Bluetooth Module (Headset): Yes

Extra Device Port (for analog): Yes

Speakerphone: Yes

Navigation Key: Yes

Ringer Tone/Melody: 30

Wall Mounting: Yes

Color: Black, White

Garwood Orchard is a beautiful spot for picking apples in the fall or any type of produce during the summer.  It’s located just out of LaPorte, IN about 50 miles from downtown Chicago.