Phone of the Day: Lucent Avaya 8410B Digital Telephone (Voice Terminal) at Nordstrom Schaumburg IL 

I spotted this Lucent branded 8410B telephone at the fitting room at a Nordstrom I was visiting.  This phone must have been installed in the late 1990s per the Lucent Logo.  After 2001, these phones would be branded with the Avaya logo, as Avaya was created and Avaya bought out the enterprise telecom division of Lucent.  Lucent was originally derived from ATT and Western Electric. 

This model was introduced around 1990 and was termed the Definity 8410B Voice Terminal. 

Some of its features include:

10 call appearance/feature buttons

2-way programmable speakerphone

Conference, transfer, drop, and hold built-in.  Drop is similar to Nortel’s RLS button.