Phone of the Day: Cetis 110A Analog Phone at Four Points Sheraton West Lafayette, IN

This rather light weight inexpensive hotel room telephones was one of the better looking models I’ve seen from the company that produces Teledex and Telematrix telephones for hotel use.  

The hotel is running a Mitel PBX with IP phones (which I will feature another day) at multiline locations.  The building is rather old (a 1974 Holidome Holiday Inn) , but hopefully now that it’s a Starwood property, they will be completing a major remodel soon. 

Mitel is actually a strange bird in greater Lafayette, as GTE/Verizon dominated  Lafayette’s telecom network since the late 1980s and installed Nortel gear in most all major local hotels, hospitals, government buildings and of course my alma mater Purdue Univeristy.  In GTE territory, when a 1A2 was ripped out, a Nortel Norstar or Option Meridian1 11C was put in.  When an old Automatic Electric PBX was ripped out, an Option Meridian1 Option 61C or 81c replaced it.  Of course Nortel is no more, as well as GTE, so companies such as Cisco and Mitel are winning it out over Avaya Blue in the greater Lafayette area, which makes me pretty sad.

Well back to the analog phone, it’s interesting to note that an “industry Canada” sticker is on the back of the telephone, just like in the old days with Nortel equipment.  The phone itself doesn’t seem to be from Canada but it’s very possible it came packaged with the Mitel equipment and Mitel is a Canadian company. 

From the Cetis website:

“Cetis, Inc., formed through the 2006 merger of Scitec and TeleMatrix, and the 2009 acquisition of Teledex assets, designs and manufactures a broad range of analog and VoIP hotel phones. In 1982 we introduced the first Teledex brand hotel phones with programmable guest service keys and a customizable faceplate area. In 1990, we introduced Diamond Series hotel phones, which continue to be recognized as the most popular hotel phones in the world. Since 1982, hundreds of Cetis channel partners have installed more than 30 million Cetis hotel phones at 100,000 locations globally. Click on the Founder button below to learn more about Cetis founder Dr. Bing N. Sun.”