Phone of the Day: Avaya Partner 18D Digital Telephone at Portillos, Homewood, IL

Portillos is the all around best fast casual hot dog and hamburger chain in the world.  Portillos is an extremely festive fun environment with a lot of design flair and activity going on.  The associates all talk behind the scenes with wireless radios, that broadcast through the back of house sound system to say things about upcoming orders or if someone has a phone call.  

This is a rather new location so it’s interesting to see that they use first generation Avaya Partner Euro design phones first introduced in 1996.  Avaya probably doesn’t want (they want you to upgrade to an IP Office) you to keep using a good ole trusty Partner system, but there is still plenty of after market support for these phones and systems.  

This phone was spotted at the front carry out counter.  The 18D stands for a display telephone as opposed to a standard Partner 18 non display telephone.  There is an older boxier version model named the MLS 18D as well, that was introduced around 1990. 

First generation MLS 18D phone below:

Euro Design, shown at Portillos, below, introduced in the mid to late 1990s by Lucent Technologies, which Avaya captured the enterprise arm of in 1999: