Phone of the Day: Nortel T7208 Digital Telephone at a TJ Maxx Retail Store Chicago, IL

I discovered this “brandless” Nortel telephone on a wall column at a discount retailer in Chicago.  This must be a refurbished unit, hence the missing logo on top of the display.  The logo must have been painted over when the phone was refurbished.

After a few years of 1A2/Aiphone Intercoms and then Tie Meritor key system telephones, TJ Maxx (established in 1977) became a long time Nortel Norstar user starting in 1989.  As the oldest TJ Maxx stores were remodeled, the older Tie and 1A2/Aiphone equipment were replaced with Dolphin Grey Norstar sets.  When the T series Norstar sets were introduced, the TJ Maxx stores starting replacing broken M series sets with the T series sets and new stores with all T series sets.  This particular store has a mix of T7000 and M7000 sets.  This phone was on a column in the women’s department. 

Since Nortel went out of business, the end of Nortel has appeared in a once heavy Nortel shop.  TJ Maxx has started installing Avaya digital telephones and IP Office systems in their stores and all of their other banners such as Marshalls, Winners, Homesense, Homegoods, and I assume at the TK Maxx stores in Europe.