Phone of the Day: Nortel Meridian M7310 Digital Telephone at Kasias Polish Deli in Ukrainian Village Chicago, IL 

My lovely fiancé spotted this Nortel telephone on the wall of a popular local Polish deli. This M7310 set is one of my favorites. It’s extremely durable and has many different buttons to program for lines and features. This set has the early “Meridian” badging which was later updated to just say “Norstar” or other badging for Bell, Ameritech, US West, Sprint, Bell South, and even BT.  
The buttons on the top right are used mainly for auto dials and feature buttons. The lower 10 buttons under the display, are generally used for central office lines, intercom lines and a few features. This grey color was extremely modern in the 1990s and used as a standard in TJ Maxx stores as it matched their Grey color scheme. 

The phone has a unique noise when you hang the handset up. It sounds very heavy and solid! 

I personally still think these phones look modern,  durable and sleek today, especially conpared to some of the cheap SIP phones coming out today. 

The phone is supported on the Nortel Norstar, BCM and E-MetroTel UCx platform.