Phone of the Day: Siemens Analog Euroset 5010 Gigaset Telephone in Lucerne, Switzerland at Hotel De La Paix

My friend Chris captured this analogue telephone while vacationing in Switzerland.  This durable analog telephone was in his hotel room.  I don’t know what PBX is behind the telephone though.  I assume a Siemens?  

Siemens had a brief stint with big telecommunications goals in the USA when it bought ROLM in 1988-1989.  See the attached article:

The move further backtracked ROLM from being a telecom leader In the late 1980s to a lesser known telecom player in the late 1990s as Lucent and Nortel conquered the market and ROLM didn’t adapt quick enough to changing telecom needs.  The ROLM name was eventually phased out and rebranded Siemens.  A few Siemens ROLM systems are still peppered throughout the USA such as in some Macy’s and Bloomingdales stores, but the majority are in Europe. 

Anyways, this nifty analogue telephone is a symbol of Siemens today, a leader in telecom in Europe.