Phones of the Day: Nortel M5208 and M5316 at The Fire Department of New York Command Center

After visiting the 9/11 Memorial last week, I was doing some more research about communications on 9/11 and I came across these photos of the new command post opened a few years after 9/11.  An article was published about how high tech it is, so I was expecting to see Cisco or no telephones at all.  Its comforting and interesting to see that they are using the reliable and still very relevant Nortel DMS/SL Genband C20 Centrex technology.  Look at the piles of Nortel P phones spread throughout the facility.  I think they used the ash and black colors to differentiate different areas of the FDNY system.  

Why do you think they still use these sets?  They are robust, durable and have excellent voice quality, and I personally love the gentle angled design of these sets and the Lego like button caps, especially the yellow mute button. 
These phones are still manufactured new by Mitel which acquired the line from their purchase of Aastra which in turn Aastra manufactured these phones for Nortel starting in 2000. Nortel designed the original models to mimic the M2616 and M2008 digital sets around 1995.