Phone of the Day: Nortel Meridian M7100 Norstar Digital Telephone at TJ Maxx Chicago

Today on our shopping journey I found this simple and like new clean grey Nortel M7100 on the checkout counter at a TJ Maxx in Chicago.  TJs used these phones for a good part of the entire chain from the 1990s and 2000s, for their checkout telephones, mainly for paging and intercom calls.  The grey color on the set matched their stores decor of grey and red color scheme, quite well.

The M7100 is a simple telephone with single line (call waiting enabled) capability that works well in a “parked call” environment.  You can easily pick up any lines Parked call on this phone by dialing a code such as 601, or 102.  You can toggle between two multiple calls by using the hold button (which is the missing bottom key cap on the bottom of this phone) as a sort of “flash” button.  The feature button allows access to the many Norstar features such as feature 630 for paging or F70 for transfer.  An additional empty button can be programmed for any feature on the system.  Additionally there is a handy RLS button for ending overhead pages or hanging up the line.  Unlike the RLS button on the larger phones that hangs up the line completely, depressing the RLS button on the Norstar M7100 gives you dial tone.

The small display shows important information such as feature notification, instructions and Calling and Called Party  ID.