Phone of the Day: Bell 2500 Deskphone at Target Elston Ave Chicago

I spotted this Bell styled Cortelco 2500 deskphone at the customer service desk of one of the busiest Target stores I’ve ever shopped at.  Target has always used simple analog phones for the majority of their phone extensions.  They have used everything from red 2500 sets to red 2554 wall sets to red trim line sets to black 2500 sets.  

The PBX systems that controlled the analog phones evolved from Tadiran in the early 1990s to Lucent Avaya systems in the late 1990s and early 2000s to Cisco Call Manager, which is now Targets standard.  The multi line digital sets are mainly found in the fitting room area, HR offices and management areas.  In the past, digital phones also existed in the pharmacy, but now that CVS has taken over the Target pharmacies, the pharmacies now use Vertical telephones.