Phone of the Day: NEC DTL-12D Digital Telephone (DT330) at Kaufman’s Deli in Skokie, IL

Today I was feeling a bit under the weather as my fiancé and I were driving home from my mechanic in Evanston IL.  As we drove through Skokie, she suggested we stop at Kaufman’s for some unbelievably good Jewish food, including chicken soup.  The food was amazing.  I highly recommend the corned beef and cheese blintzes. I also highly recommend the ready made chicken noodle soup. 

I snapped some photos of their NEC Univerge digital telephones throughout the restaurant.  These are high quality digital telephones that seem to take on the durability of the former DTerm styled sets.  By comparison (another NEC small business telephone) the DSX series of sets, look cheap and flimsy when compared to these newer DTL sets.