Phones of the Day: Cisco 7821 and 7861 IP Sets at Kroger Marketplace in Fishers IN

I was down in Indianapolis this weekend and today I checked out a new Kroger store in the northeast suburb of Fishers.  This is a brand new type of store that mimics a Meijer or Fred Meyer store.  Kroger has since upgraded from Nortel BCM to Cisco.  Unfortunately they haven’t worked the Kinks out of the Cisco phones as their automatic overhead paging system announcing call parking was stuck in the same page every twenty seconds for a half hour.  I do like the look of these new telephones as they are a refreshed look of the Nortel T series telephones in a Cisco phone.

I checked out some of the competitors down the street named Marsh.  Both Marsh stores had Nortel Norstar phones and Separate intercom handsets, one store had Aiphone Marketcom junk and the other had some single handset junk with a button on it for paging.   Way to use that Norstar system for only outside phone calls!   So I must admit, the Kroger was by far much more light years  advanced than the Marsh stores.