Phone of the Day: Iwatsu ICON IX-5810 Digital Telephone at Earth Fare Grocery Noblesville, IN

This somewhat modern looking digital telephone was spotted in the wellness department at a health food driven supermarket named Earth Fare.  

I don’t know much about Iwatsu, it seems to be a very unusual phone system with limited installed base in the USA.  I saw it the first time at a monastery where my Dad and I were talking to our favorite priest.  The monastery had rotary 1A2 up till at least 2002.  When we went back to visit our friend priest in 2003, they hadthe Iwatsu  phones.  I was like, what the heck is this system?  It looks different and I’ve never seen it before.  As unusual as it is here in the USA, Iwatsu has a long history with Nippon Telephone and Telegraph in its home country of Japan.   The current North American Division is referred to as Iwatsu Voice Networks. 

From the look and quality of these phones, it appears they are higher quality like the Toshiba CIX or NEC Univerg sets. I think these phones evolved out of the former Omega platform that was popular in the late 1980s, early 1990s.  The phone shown in the photograph works off the newest Adix platform. 

The phone is chocked full of buttons and lots of features.  I like how clean the labels read on this phone.  The installer took some time to make sure all of the button labels look clean and easy to read. An overhead page was broadcast over the store while I was in there, and it sounded crisp and clean on the Iwatsu set.  Even though this isn’t my favorite system out there, it’s full of features and has a good long standing company behind it.