Phones of the Day: Comparing the old Logic Northern Telecom phones with the newer Nortel Meridian M2000/M5000 Series Telephones

Back when Nortel was king and still called Northern Telecom, they made simple easy to use telephones with simple button layouts and futuristic styling.  What I find interesting is that it appears the original Designers of the newer (1990) M2000 Aries sets, mimicked the simple styling of the original 1a2 Logic Telephones (1974).  Here are some photos below showing the comparison.  I borrowed some screen shots from web searching.

Logic 6 = M2006

Logic 10 = M2008 (M5009 Centrex)

Logic 20 = M2616 (M5316 Centrex)

Logic Single Line = Unity NT4L01AH Single Line Set

I still think the M2000 series sets look way better than many newer phones on the market today!