Phone of the Day: Nortel M7208 and M7100 at a TJ Maxx Store in Chicago, IL

While out shopping today I spotted this double opportunity photo of two phones at a TJ Maxx store layaway counter.  The one outside the layaway counter is an older grey M7100 single line set that is setup as a hotline phone, once picked up, automatically dials the service desk to tell the associates someone needs help in layaway.  

Inside the layaway counter is a black M7208, which is odd, because TJ Maxx used the dolphin grey color as their Nortel color standard for years since it matched their interior color scheme.  Around 2002, TJX started installing black phones and a year or so later started installing the T7000 series next generation telephones.

Now TJX installs the Avaya IP Office in new stores, but still heavily relies and uses their old Nortel systems in existing stores.  I wish they would look at the E-Metrotel solution. 

Layaway is rarely used today so I don’t think these phones are used much anymore.