Phone of the Day: Toshiba  DKT-3220SD Digital Phone at a Chicago Area Grocery Store

A very innovative local grocery chain has installed these Toshiba DKT digital telephones at their stores throughout Chicagoland.  I assume the DKT stands for “digital key telephone,” which evolved from the early Harris Lanier Telephones (acquired around 1990 by Toshiba) EKT which stood for “electronic key telephine,” a very popular term for early electronic key telephone systems in the 1980s.

This style of phone evolved from the late 1980s Harris Lanier sets.  Obviously Toshiba kept the raw bones of the phone but refined it for the past 27 years….from adding a larger LCD screen to more aerodynamic handsets.  The phones are clean and simple to use. 

This phone was at the wine bar and I was sitting there enjoying a beer with my college bud Derek, with the phone right in front of me.  In fact the manager made a closing announcement page and then handed me the telephone to hang it up, and I hung it up over the store speakers and open tall ceiling!  (I should have pressed the call release button).  What a great noise as it echoed against the roof trusses and wide open space!   That made my night! 

Below are screenshots of the original Harris Lanier EKT telephones that the 3220 evolved out of.  Quite a difference aesthetically but the names of the buttons are the same!