Phone of the Day: Cisco 8841 IP Telephone at Whole Foods Market in Wheaton, IL

Whole Foods Market phone system installations were originally a mish-mosh of different phone systems including Panasonic Digital and most recently Toshiba DK Strata/CIX. A few years ago they went all Cisco with 7900 series sets appearing in their stores.  Even though Cisco has long considered the 7900 series sets reliable and sturdy, they finally pulled the plug and End of Lifed them so companies like Whole Foods now need to now use the 7800 or 8800 series IP phones. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as the new 7800 and 8800 sets are a welcome sleek improvement over the now nearly 20 year old 7900 series sets acquired from Selius Systems in 1998.  Strangely in my opinion these new phones took on styling queues from the Nortel 1100 series phones…..even the introduction of a RLS release button 

Whole Foods took a bold step with now installing these glorious and beautiful 8841 sets throughout their stores.