Shared Call/Line Apperance

One of the cool features of the UCx is that is has what’s called “Shared Call Appearance” or “Shared Line Appearance”. What this allows for is for an incoming call to come in on a “Line” and then be put on hold for transfer or paging to that same line. For example if someone calls in and the receptionist picks up the call and they wish to speak to the deli, the receptionist can then place the call on hold and page “Deli, please take the call on Line 1”. This is in contrast to parking the call wherein the receptionist would “park” the call and it would be available via a parking lot for a defined period of time. When this time expires the parking lot sends the call somewhere else and the intended end recipient can no longer retrieve the call. Depending on the operation, often Shared Call Line/Shared Call Appearance is preferred and good news is that E-MetroTel provides this option (as well as the parking lot). Here’s a quick video describing the setup as well as showing the implementation of SLA/SCA: