Phone of the Day: Cisco 7965 IP Telephone

Today’s phone comes to you from the local South Loop Chicago Home Depot.

Home Depot used to be a sole client of Avaya phone systems throughout the years, but it looks as though they have recently taken the Cisco plunge.
I remember when this store was brand new in 2005, they opened with the Fisher Price bulky looking Avaya 2400 IP sets.

They are using the full color display 7965 Series phones at service desks, the paint counter and the receptionist at customer service.  The 79xx series ending in 5 such as the 7945 and 7965 are the full color display versions of the earlier monochromatic LCD 79xx series IP sets first introduced in 2000.

All team members have a wireless handset, I am assuming a Cisco DECT set.  Also, analog phones are located at the checkouts.

You can do it, and they can help you out with their Cisco phones.

Cisco Phone

Cisco Phone