Phone of the Day: ROLM RP612L Digital Telephone at Sears Oakbrook Center, Oakbrook, IL

While passing through a Sears store at Oakbrook, I noticed these somewhat modern second generation ROLM telephones that are located at many checkouts throughout the stores.  

While Sears has long been struggling in the 2000s, it is impressive to see they went all digital throughout the entire stores, with their ROLM telephones in the 1990s.  At the time, using all digital telephone in a large department store was a rather robust installation, as opposed to using mainly analog sets. 

It should be noted, the Sears stores up North in Canada all used Nortel Meridian 1 systems with digital M2000 sets throughout the store with very little analog sets.

These RP612 sets work in the Rolmphone 300/600 series group of phones for the 9751 and Hicom Systems, long since acquired by Siemens. 

The phone itself has a magnetic hang up feature.  The phone has no physical hookswitch.  Instead it has a magnet in the handset and telephone and upon connection of the magnet, the line is disconnected.  

This set is the second generation ROLM set developed in the early 1990s to replace the original 100, 200 and 400 series first generation digital telephones introduced in the early 1980s.

While Sears stores use ROLM, I was once told they have a Meridian 1 at the main Hoffman Estates corporate campus.  If it’s still there, I do not know.