Phone of the Day: Mitel 5340 IP Telephone at Fairfield Inn Ottawa, IL

While staying at a hotel this past weekend in Ottawa, IL, a cool town in itself, I spotted this Mitel set at the front desk. 

The desk was set with two of these phones and one console, I’ll feature another day.

The 5340 series sets are being replaced by the new IP 6900 sets, which closely resemble the Aastra 6800 sip phones acquired from Aastra when Mitel bought them a few years back. The Aastra sets are inherently legacy Nortel sets that have been  redesigned and repackaged by the Aastra guys.  The 6800 sets actually include Nortel ring tones.  It’s interesting to see Mitel integrating the Aastra design into their existing portfolio.

In other words, it appears Mitel acquired Aastra for rights to their phone design to replace legacy Mitel sets.