Phone of the Day: Nortel Meridian M7208 Digital Telephone in Fredericton, New Brunswick

My friend Trent from Fredericton, New Brunswick sent me this photo of a Meridian M7208 digital telephone from his Norstar system at home.  The M7208 was originally introduced in 1988 by Northern Telecom with their revolutionary Norstar platform that changed the world of key box hybrid telephone systems.   From drugstores to medical clinics to restaurants you can still find many of these M7000 sets still in full use around the world.  These are rock solid phones that can handle a ton of abuse.  The earlier models (usually with a dot matrix serial number label on the back of the phone) are definitely more well made than the later models around 2002 when the phones were discontinued.  You can feel the solidness in the handset and phone itself when you hang the older ones up.