Phone of the Day: (2) Nortel M7208 Digital Telephones and (1) M7100 Digital Telephone at Hudson’s Bay in Banff, Alberta

Hudson’s Bay, the oldest retailer in North America incorporated in 1670, is a large Nortel user in their department stores.  Other than a few locations that use legacy Mitel switches, 90 percent of the Hudson’s Bay stores use Nortel.  Some locations use the Norstar Key System while other larger locations use the Meridian 1/CS 1000 PBX.

This particular store in downtown Banff, Alberta is located in a busy tourist area.  It’s a small mini department store and they utilize a Norstar system with quite a few digital phones and a fair amount of overhead paging. 

Hudson’s Bay also owns Saks Fifth Avenue, another large Nortel Meridian 1 user at one time.  The newer Saks store are rolling out Avaya systems.

This first photo is a double special with two phones and it shows a black M7208 and M7100 digital set.  The second photo shows a grey M7208 digital set.  The black sets show the Norstar logo in the upper left of the speaker area.  This replaced the earlier Meridian branding shown in this spot.  I am unclear why Nortel wanted to remove the Meridian branding and replace it with Norstar, even though most everything Nortel manufactured in the 1990s was technically named “Meridian.”