Phone of the Day: Nortel M9417CW Front Desk of a Condo Building in Chicago

This small compact "digital like" analog phone was spotted at the front desk of a building in Chicago today.

I spotted many of these phones in Canada while on our honeymoon. This was a popular phone marketed to small business's by Bell in Canada and the Baby Bells of the USA such as Ameritech. This particular phone model was introduced around 1993 by Northern Telecom, then production was spun off to Aastra in 1999 and then again to Mitel a few years back when Mitel acquired Aastra.

The phone was originally introduced to replace the bulky Unity analog business set series which didn't contain LCD displays and thusly didn't support the upcoming caller ID revolution.

To the typical user, this phone would appear as a proprietary digital telephone connected to a PBX, but in reality, all of its digital like features are made accessible by using a power supply on the phones and the telephones internal memory. Up to four of these phones can be connected in a group and accept and initiate paging between the phone speakers and an overhead speaker system.