Phone of the Day: Cisco 7821 IP Telephones at the Calgary International Airport (YYC)

This very sleek Cisco 7821 model was spotted by me, at various locations throughout the Calgary Airport a few days ago. The entire airport probably was once all Nortel and now is entirely Cisco for every phone, with very few analog extensions. I spotted these phones at the United Airlines Check in, the Wolfgang Puck Restaurant and Information Desk.

The only place I didn't see these phones was at the United States Customs and Borders Control area. They had Avaya 9608 IP Telephones, which is surprising because I thought the US Government was going all Cisco IP.

I personally love the design of these telephones as opposed to the old 7900 series sets which are beginning to look tired in my opinion. These new sets have a really sleek design which looks very similar to the Nortel 1100 series IP phones.